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Teaching to Give Back

A big part of learning to run a successful business, especially at such a young age as Grace (11) and Isabella (10), is learning what do with the money as it comes in. As responsible parents, we are helping to oversee the girls finances, and teach them about how much it costs to make a candle, how much to charge, and what to do with the money they make. They will need to reinvest some into the company to make more orders, use some for marketing the company, and make sure the company is healthy, before they can take any out for their future college funds or spending money. But equally important to us here within the family of Shire Fire Candles, is giving back a portion of our profits to agencies within our community.

By now, many of you may have seen our new pink candle that we have released called "Life's Precious Moments". This candle is not just any addition to our company. This candle is about giving back to our community. We spoke with our girls right from the start about the importance of community. A healthy community here in the Berkshires, means that companies like Shire Fire Candles thrive. So what do we do to give back to the Berkshires? Grace and Izzy took a few days to think, and then they came up with an idea, why not create a candle special for a non-profit agency within our community, to give back a portion of each sale to as a donation? We loved this idea! But which organization would be the first to have a candle named after them and start receiving our support?

We started discussing with the girls, what non-profit agencies are doing great things within the Berkshires, and how our money would benefit them. We went through groups that support disabilities, children's services, the arts, the animals, and more until we came across the perfect agency to start our giving back venture, Moment's House.

Moment's House is an agency within the Berkshires "providing support to members of the community that are impacted by a cancer including children, adults, friends and caregivers. It is a place to gather, to learn, share experiences, and support other member's individual journeys of living with cancer." They not only have support groups, but free wig bank and salon, a private spa offering Reiki, acupuncture, foot reflexology, and more. They also have yoga, meditation, music and arts healing programs, and help with fundraisers and other ways to provide financial support for families going through a cancer diagnosis. They are doing so many incredible things within our community, and Grace and Izzy knew right away they were a deserving cause for our donations.

Now back to candles! Time to make the perfect scent and color to support this amazing organization. The girls got right to work! A pink soy wax color was blended, and the girls sampled many scents, and decided on fresh cut roses as the scent for their special candle! After a little research, they determined it to be a very popular scent among candle buyers, but also after a little thought, determined that its smell was relaxing, and allowed you to just think about you. And with that thought, the creative, artistic genius of Isabella quickly came up with our candles name, "Life's Precious Moments". It was perfect! Named after the agency we are supporting, but also allows our buyers to take some time for themselves, relax, and reflect on all of life's good times and memories.

We don't ever want people in our community to hear that they or members of their family have cancer. But when it happens, we know there is an amazing place here in the Berkshires for individuals and their families to receive support services. So remember, each and every time you buy one of our "Life's Precious Moment's" candles, you are giving back, because our girls are giving back. It's more than just a rose scented, pink candle, it's an ideology of a company building strong roots within the community we live and work within. So make your purchase today and support a great cause, our friends at Moment's House!

Did you know???...... We can custom pour our "Life's Precious Moment's" candle as non-scented for those with sensitivity to roses, or scent in general. Just ask! We are happy to accommodate!

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