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Candle Party Favors

The girls have been getting asked quite frequently if they can do soy candles as favors for weddings, bridal parties, or other types of special events. The answer to that is that Shire Fire Candles absolutely can partner with you to produce a custom soy candle party favor for your next event that is unique to you!

We will make the process of ordering favors for your next event easy and seamless. We start by helping you select the perfect container for your candles. Our supplier has dozens of containers to select, including aluminum tins, mason and jelly jars, and glass candle jars. We are happy to take the time to show you the various shapes, sizes, and price points that are available. Next we walk you through all of the various colors and scents that we have available and help you select the perfect option to compliment your individual event.

Lastly, we work with you to provide a custom label for your favor. The look and feel of each individual event is different, and we want to custom design a label for you that is your own and makes your event special. Color proofs will be provided for discussion and sign off before the labels are produced, ensuring that your favors will be perfect.

The girls can provide favors for as few as 12 and as many as 500 for a single order. Pricing varies by need, and can run as little as $2.49 for a single small tin favor to $8.00 for a more intricate glass jar favor, with many options in between those price points.

Next time you are planning a special event, and need a personalized party favor for your guests, we hope you think of us at Shire Fire Candles. We promise to partner with you to produce the finest quality soy candles, unique to you, and your special event.

You can contact us through our website, Facebook, or at 413-446-9896 to setup an appointment to discuss favors with us at any time.

P.S. Need a gift this holiday season for your office staff or customers? These customized favors will make a great gift unique to your company! Call us today!

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