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Wholesale Products for Your Retail Store

Our products will make a beautiful addition to your retail store.

We are a girl owned company with a unique product and a great story!  Let us customize a program for you!

We offer the following products at wholesale prices:

  • Soy Candle Tins

  • Medium Jar Soy Candles

  • Large Jar Soy Candles

  • Wax Melts

  • Smelly Jelly Air Fresheners

  • Car Jar Air Fresheners

To learn more about our wholesale rates:

Phone:  413-446-9896



Private Label & Customized Products for Your Retail Store

We strive to provide the highest quality branded products for your retail store.

We can customize and tailor any of our products to give you a unique product:

  • Custom Mason Jars, Jelly Jars

  • Custom Wicks including wood wicks

  • Custom Branded labels with your logo

  • Custom Branded colors

Our custom soy candles, wax melts, and air fresheners give your store a competitive advantage to offer a unique product at higher margins.  

Think all of this sounds expensive?  Most customized products can be accomplished with only a slight upcharge and in some cases with no upcharge at all.

To learn more about our customized products:

Phone:  413-446-9896


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