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Product Spotlight: Apple Cider Donut

Our family's favorite season here in the Berkshires is the Fall. What's not to love? After all, the Berkshires is blessed with beautiful and colorful foliage, pumpkin patches, hay rides, and corn mazes galore. There's so much to do, that on weekends it's often a challenge in our family, to see how many activities we can accomplish!

By far, one of our favorite activities to enjoy together as a family over the years is apple picking. The orchards here in Western Massachusetts not only have a wide selection of apple varieties ready for the picking, but they also offer some of the most stunning views of the Berkshire Hills, and the foliage that peaks here in the Fall months. We fill our bags with apples, enjoy a hay ride pulled by tractor, and just enjoy our time together. It's been a tradition for years, and part of that tradition (probably our favorite part) is ending our day biting into a fresh, hot, heavenly apple cider donut.

Apple Cider Donuts stimulate your senses with a hint of Fall when you take that first bite. They are warm, chewy, sweet, and have a hint of apple cider, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove that finishes on the nose. When we think Berkshires, Apple Cider Donuts stick out as a primary symbol for the fall season. And that is why we introduced our Apple Cider Donut Candle into our Fall Collection.

Our Apple Cider Donut candle, will fill any room in your house, with the warm, sweet scent of a fresh baked donut straight from the orchard bakery. There are wonderful hints of sweet apple, cinnamon, and spices that add a crisp and refreshing finish to the scent. We keep the soy wax natural and the color of the wax finishes in a beautiful creamy warm white. The candles are available in 8 oz and 16 oz tins, 22 oz Glass reserve jars, and tea lights. We are just in love with this product for our Fall Collection, and we hope you will be too.

Here are Shire Fire Candles, we know that this Fall you can't always be at the orchard to enjoy that fresh baked Apple Cider Donut. But now, you can purchase our Apple Cider Donut candle and transform any room in your house into an apple orchard bakery. And remember, each product is handmade by a member of our family to yours, with care and love. Happy Fall!

P.S. When we think of Apple Cider Donuts here in the Berkshires, we think of no other than Bartlett's Orchards in Richmond as our go to donut. Give them a try this fall. You won't be sorry! Other notable and loveable orchards in our area are Hilltop Orchards, Lake View Orchards, and Jaeschke's Orchards!

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